Lightweight marine panels

For ships built under IMO/SOLAS regulations Drumarkon International produces lightweight marine panels which can be made to all customers specifications.

One of the features that is taken into account while choosing the right marine panel for your ship is weight. By choosing the right base material a lot of weight can be saved. Especially for fast sailing workboats and off shore vessels, for instance in use for windmill parks, weight can be an important issue.

Throughout the whole ship it is possible to make use of lightweight panels.

Starting with the floor. Drumarkon International can deliver a lightweight Drumafloor.
The top layer of the lightweight floor is made of reinforced glass fabric with phenol resin and a fiberglass phenol foam core of 2,5 mm. The core material of the floor is made of a similar 10 mm foam core and the bonding glue is a two components polyurethane layer of 0,2 mm.

Lightweight marine panels - Drumafloor light

Lightweight marine panels – Drumafloor light

The result is a floor panel with a weight of 7 kilogram per square meter and a total thickness of 15 mm.

The fire rating of these panels is according to IMO 653(16), IMO Res. MSC 61(67), Annex 1, Part 5.

Wall panels can also be made of lightweight materials. By applying a decor to the core material, again a fiberglass phenol foam, it is possible to produce lightweight wall panels all to the liking of the customer.

The same material can also be used for lightweight furniture and ceilings.

All of these lightweight marine panels can be delivered in non combustible- and sound reducing versions or in a combination of all three features.

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