Drumafloor NC/SR

Drumafloor NC SRIn addition to standard floors, Drumarkon International has also an innovative marine panel floor called Drumafloor NC/SR
This floating floor concept was developed to combine mechanical strength and sound reduction of 33 dB with IMO B-15 fire rating. This makes the floor system suitable for installation on ships which are built under IMO/SOLAS regulations. During the development of the floor special attention has been given to installation requirements and ease to install on board.

The Drumafloor marine floor panel is composed of a calcium silicate core material, with on both sides an aluminum skin which is bonded with a special sound insulating glue.

Bisco voor onder Drumafloor

BiscoBisco L3 M 0940 is a replacement of traditional polyurethane foams which are used for damping and eliminating vibration and noise on board of ships, but do not contribute to fire safety. For that reason it cannot be used on board of ships and large yachts anymore, which are built under IMO / SOLAS regulations.Bisco L3 M 0940 is a new material with superior properties, is MED certified (low flame spread en smoke & toxicity IMO Resolution MSC 61 (67)) and is resistant to oil, grease and water.

Bisco L3 M 0940 remains dimensionally stable under load and performs well as vibration isolator, and is therefore suited for use in combination with our newly developed floor system, which is sound insulating and also MED fire-rated as B-15 floor.

The marine panels are grooved on all four sides and can be connected with an
aluminum spline 38×3 mm and can be fixed with an aluminum countersunk rivet.

– Meets IMO Res. 754 (18) requirements,
– Floating Floor,
– Easy installation, no special tooling ,
– Excellent mechanical properties,
– Weight and sound reduction similar to conventional sandwich panels or marine board.

Next to Drumafloor NC/SR Drumarkon International also produces Drumafloor NC and a lightweight version.

Please let us know in the comments below how what kind of marine panel you would like.

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